Ar ais arís

‘Níl Aon Leabhairín mar do mheabhair-chinn fhéin’ is a reprint of a Book Of Old Irish Proverbs which was initially published a few years ago.

Leabhair Eilis Ui Bhriain

Leabhair Eilis Ui Bhriain

It is available in quite a few of the shops around Cork City and County such as Waterstones. Alternatively, email for a copy or for more information.

Exerpt from ‘Introduction’ in my Book

“…I hope you, my friend, will enjoy my collection of the old and the new (old sayings) as they appear in their seasonal settings, from whence they sprung. I have put them together in a labour of love for the ‘Cúpla Focal’in the grand seanchló,for those of us who learnt and loved the Old Irish, also in the modern Gaeilge ,where the ‘h’ replaces the truly Irish old séimhiú. It is my “Féirín agus fáilte” to the Gaelic collection of Irish books on the bookshelves and a salute to the unique ‘stíl agus áilleacht’ that shone forth from the old Irish font: the sean-chló.

It comes from the heartfelt wish of mine to preserve memories of old times,customs and chatacters in the days of butter-making in the back-house,piking hay in the shed, craftily following the horse-drawn plough or the crust of the turf-bank yielding to the slicing of the sleán… at the end of the day ,a long stretch in the hand-sewn duck-feathered tick in the warmth of the patchwork quilt.

Is treise dúchas ná oiliúint.”
Eilís Uí Bhriain

2 Responses to Ar ais arís

  1. Maureen Cullinane says:

    I love this book. I still regret the loss of the sean-chló entirely and hope this is a joy to others like me. Let there be another book to follow. Go raibh maith agat.

    • sean p. mac coitir says:

      eilis bn ui bhriain o chaisl. ui liathan a chuir an leabhar gleoite seo le cheile agus ar fail ar phraghas umhal….na biodh aon tigh gan choip…..tugaimis blas dar n-oidhreacht don chead ghluin eile!

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